Indian Economy
India's economy contains traditional village farming, modern agriculture, handicrafts, a wide range of modern industries and a multitude of support services. Currently India is capitalizing on its large numbers of well-educated people skilled in the English language to become a major exporter of software services and software workers.

The economy has shown an excellent average growth rate of 6% since 1990, reducing poverty by about 10 percentage points. Despite strong growth, the World Bank and others worry about the continuing public-sector budget deficit, running at approximately 10% of GDP.
Purchasing power parity $5.022 trillion
Real growth rate 9.6%
Per capita (Purchasing power parity) $3,900
GDP (Composition by sector)  
Agriculture 23.6%
Industry 28.4%
Services 48%
Population below poverty line 25%
Household income or consumption - By Share
Lowest 10% : 3.5%
Highest 10%: 33.5%
Distribution of family income (Gini index) 37.8 (2006)
Inflation rate (consumer prices) 4.6%
Labor force 406 million
Labor force - By Occupation
Agriculture 60%
Services 23%
Industry 17%
Unemployment rate 9.1%
Revenues $48.3 billion
Expenditures $78.2 billion, including capital expenditures
Industries Textiles, Chemicals, Food Processing, Steel, Transportation Equipment, Cement, Mining, Petroleum, Machinery, Software
Industrial production growth rate 6%
Production 533.3 billion kWh
Electricity - Production by source  
Fossil Fuel 81.7%
Hydro 14.5%
Nuclear 3.4%
Other Sources 0.3%
Electricity Usage Distribution  
Consumption 497.2 billion kWh
Exports 321 million kWh
Imports 1.54 billion kWh
Production 732,400 bbl/day
Consumption 2.13 million bbl/day
Proved reserves 4.33 billion bbl
Natural gas  
Production 22.75 billion cu m
Consumption 22.75 billion cu m
Exports 0 cu m
Imports 542.4 billion cu m
Products Rice, Wheat, Oilseed, Cotton, Jute, Tea, Sugarcane, Potatoes, Cattle, Water Buffalo, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Fish
Total exports $57.24 billion f.o.b.
Commodities Textile Goods, Gems and Jewelry, Engineering Goods, Chemicals, Leather Manufactures
Partners US 22.4%, UK 5.1%, Hong Kong 4.5%, Germany 4.3%, China 4.1%
Total imports $74.15 billion f.o.b. (2003 estimate)
Commodities Crude Oil, Machinery, Gems, Fertilizer, Chemicals
Partners US 6.9%, Belgium 6.4%, China 4.5%, Singapore 4.4%, UK 4.4%
Debt (External) $95.3 billion (estimate)
Economic aid (recipient) $2.9 billion
Currency Indian rupee (INR)
Currency code INR
Exchange rates (Indian rupees per US dollar) Rs 60.80 (July,2013)

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