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The idea was derived keeping in view the heavy influx of tourists into this great nation. Apart from tourism, it caters to the art-lovers, historians, travelers, researchers, nature- lovers, and in general the common person interested to know everything about India.

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1. A very good website. Searching is very brief and easy. Please give little bit extra information and images if possible.

2. Its nice to see the cultural history of India captured along with the nooks and corners of the country so well. I hope it will help those who really want to know and travel India.

3.This site is Really Nice... thanks & regards, Jeevan

4.Pls to be informed that we have a temple in athichanallur which comes under the restricted area of the archaeological department. We are the trustees of the temple and we would like to renovate the temple under your supervision. As it is an old temple we would like to renovate it because yearly ones we have ceremony and thousands of people gather there to worship. So please be kind enough to inform us whether it is possible to renovate it with your assistance & supervision. We ensure that we will not interfere with the archaeological items. We are expecting your reply soon. We will be grateful if you provide us the permission. (The temple is situated on the right hand side of the bridge near athichanllur stop ie) from athichanallur to tirunelveli direction)

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6.Dear sir, kindly include ambadathu malika temple also in the kaladi group of temples. This temple is hardly 3 km away from kalady in kaladi-manjapra route, and 7 km away from angamaly in angamaly route. Devotees finds it comfortable to reach from kalady. Moreover this temple will be opened on first five days of every Malayalam month and through out mandala and makara jyothy seasons. During the periods of opening, free accommodation facilities are also provided. kindly update Trustee, ambadathu malika sree ayyappa temple MALIKAYIL_AYYAPPAN@YAHOO.COM