The name Amoghasiddhi means 'Almighty Conqueror' or 'He who unerringly achieves his goal.' One who meditates on Amoghasiddhi gains the virtues of perseverance, infallible judgment and unerring action. The destructive emotions of envy and jealousy are driven out by attaining the wisdom of Amoghasiddhi.

Amoghasiddhi is described as the Dhyani Buddha of the realization of the Bodhisattva Path. His color is green, signifying the sun at midnight. He is master of the element of air and embodies the skandha of volition, also called the skandha of mental phenomena. His symbol is the vishvavajra, or double vajra, made of two crossed vajras, which symbolizes the highest comprehension of truth and the spiritual power of a truly enlightened one.

The throne of Amoghasiddhi is supported by garudas. Amoghasiddhi's mudra, is the abhaya mudra, a gesture of fearlessness and protection. His bija is Ah and his mantra is 'Om Amoghasiddhi Ah.'

Updated on 6th November, 2005


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