Slender Loris

Loris tardigradus

Slender Loris has slender arms and legs and large round eyes. It lives in wet and dry zones, lowland and highland forests. The color of the coat varies according to subspecies, usually a gray or reddish coat. The fur is soft, thick and woolly. The ears are thin, rounded and naked at the edges.

Slender Loris is nocturnal and arboreal, curling up to sleep by day. It feeds on insects, small vertebrates, birdsí eggs, fruit, shoots and young leaves. The gestation period lasts for 166 to 169 days, and produces one or two young. Male leaves its native area at maturity, and establishes new territories. The female offspring typically stay within its motherís territory and only leaves when it becomes reproductively active.

Updated on 7th June, 2005


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